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Wireworms, the click beetle’s larvae, cause serious damage to potatoes and have a devastating impact on potato crops. While maturing, they live in the soil and feed on potato tubers.


Wireworms Can Make Root Crops Unsellable.

As described by the University of Nebraska Lincoln, Wireworm damage appears as straight, round holes with smooth walls.

Early in the season around planting, wireworms may drill into seed tubers or seed pieces thereby weakening them possibly resulting in secondary infection, especially by soft rot, in reduced stands, and in weakened young plants.

Wireworms also can feed on young sprouts with the same results. During the season, although not common, wireworms could damage roots and underground stems. For potatoes, the major damage is later in the season when tubers are maturing after bulking. Late-season damage will result when larvae feed on tubers causing feeding scars or feeding tunnels. The result of this feeding is reduced quality of the harvested tubers.

Natural Scientific Solution SBb 2.5 or SPE 120 – Beauveria bassiana Repels Wireworms!

  • Beauvaria bassiana is a feeding deterrent.
  • Wireworms don’t like the smell of the Bb within the plant, so they won’t eat it.
  • Wireworms move slowly, losing energy when they don’t eat. In their efforts to find a different feed source they use valuable remaining energy and usually die or starve to death.
  • Beauvaria bassiana is a plant health enhancer. It grows in harmony and interstitially within the roots, stems, and leaves of the plant, strengthening the plant as it grows.
  • Beauvaria bassiana help plants fend off future pathogens and diseases.
  • Once in the ground, the active Bb spores can live in the soil for seven years or more, benefiting future planting.
  • Bb already exists naturally in the soil but due to current farming practices, it has been tilled out of the soil.  We are simply adding back nature’s method of protecting plants from disease and pests.
  • It is safe for humans, plants, and beneficial insects.

Beauveria bassiana is a symbiotic or friendly plant fungus. It is alive. When Beauveria bassiana, is incorporated into the root, it grows within the plant as the plant grows. This relationship has existed in nature but has been lost as the naturally Beauveria bassiana has been tilled out of the soil. We are simply adding back nature’s method of protecting plants from disease and pests.

No wireworms in these potatoes!

The results from using our Beauveria bassiana, which we have researched and developed over more than 20 years, are:

Healthier plants

More uniform potatoes mean an increased yield of premium potatoes and higher revenues/profits.

Increased yield of more than 20 CWT per acre

Potatoes with a significantly longer storage life

Pick outs reduced from 23% to 2%

Field of potatoes without wireworms.
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