Jim Skinner

President and Chief Executive Officer

“Eliminating toxic chemicals from our environment — Protecting our livestock & food sources…These are my passions.”

“Toxic chemicals are dangerous – for humans, animals, and our environment. Some common pesticides have been linked to bee colony collapse, a significant threat to our food supply. My goal was, and is, to find natural, non-toxic, products to “safely” address farming and livestock challenges. That’s why I founded Terregena Inc.”  Jim Skinner

Jim Skinner CEO Founder Terregena

My education has been in the human health sciences. My life’s work and focus have been on combating diseases. I have managed existing companies and started new ones, many having an amazing, positive impact on the health and welfare of people around the world.

In the mid-2000s, toxic chemicals were the only method available to control insects in barns, farms, and other agricultural facilities. The effect of these chemicals on animals, humans, the food we eat, and bee colonies was and still is devastating.

Jim Skinner, Terregena

In 2005, I was presented with the opportunity to bring a new, safe, biological, and organic insect pest control technology to the agricultural community. This brand new technology involved safe, non-toxic, and very effective biopesticides. The range of products based on the technology could be used to specifically treat and eradicate a particular pest; but, the products would not affect the animals, such as poultry, etc., nor would the products affect beneficial insects, like beneficial insects such as bees.

In 2006, I founded Terregena in Canada and the US to provide safe, biologic, and organic products to farmers. From our original product offerings, we have continued to introduce new, environmentally safe products including our newest products for healthier plants with higher yields.

Our products are effective, and economical. They are available from California to North Carolina and from British Columbia to Newfoundland. We are proud of our contribution to improved farming and we “Thank” our clients in the poultry, dairy, swine, bison, cattle, and equine industries and framers growing wheat, corn, tomatoes, and so many other foods and crops.

Thank you for supporting our home-grown company and our mission of bringing new, natural technology to farming and livestock.