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The Beauveria bassiana in SPE 120 and SBb 2.5 is a PLANT isolate and is considered beneficial fungi.

Organic Farm Insect Pest Control Products for Poultry & Livestock

BalEnce – Beauveria bassiana Controls Darkling Beetles and Flies in Poultry & Livestock Operations

The name “Terregena” means born of the earth, natural. Pronounced “Terr-a-gee-nuh,” we aim to focus on natural ag products developed for the agricultural, animal health, and veterinary markets. All our products are animal, human, and environmentally friendly.

Our Products

Seed and Soil Treatments Products

Our seed and soil treatment products are designed to increase crop yield and at the same time strengthen the plants as they grow.  Direct contact with the seed is preferred to assure plant entry at germination. Applied on, under, or atop of seed allows Beauveria bassiana competitive preference to initial plant roots where it becomes a symbiotic entophyte within the plant.

For organic environments, we provide SPE-120. It is an organic seed enhancer that uses the active ingredient Beauveria bassiana, a naturally occurring, friendly fungus that lives in the soil, roots, stems, and leaves. SPE-120 blends food-grade and certified organic products. It grows with the plant!

SBb 2.5 is designed for conventional farming. It enhances plant defenses and provides a higher plant immune status. SBb 2.5 increases chlorophyll and diminishes the need for soil fumigants, pesticides, chemical stimulants, and altered genetic seeds. It improves plant quality at harvest.

Both products are available in various sizes and in liquid or dry versions.

Poultry and Livestock Insect Control Products

Our products for farm and agricultural insect pest control give you control of many species of fly species and darkling beetles. Offered in dry and liquid treatments, balEnce utilizes the key active ingredient Beauveria bassiana (Bb), a fungal spore that is attracted only to its hosts, such as a fly or a darkling beetle. When the Bb finds its host, it penetrates the soft tissue of the insect and kills it. This fungal spore is the active material in our balEnce product.

Our products for Poultry and Livestock are approved for sale in both the US and CANADA in the US by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and for organic production by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Our Fly Predator products drill a hole in the fly pupae (the hard shell that looks like a grain of brown rice) and lays her eggs in that pupa. Her eggs then hatch and become fly predator larvae, eating and killing the developing adult fly.

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