Dairy Farm Fly Control

Dairy Farm Fly Control is crucial for maintaining a healthy and productive dairy operation. To achieve lasting control of flies on your dairy farm, you can rely on the organic and dependable balEnce Fly Spray biopesticide.

Veterinarian Testimonial

"Within two weeks the adult fly population decreased dramatically and at the end of 30 days, there were no flies. "

“During the summer fly season of 2017, I recommended that balEnce be used on client farms; examples would be baby calf milk fed/feedlot finishing sites, bucking bull rodeo ranches, and conventional and organic dairy farms. These sites were using a monthly premise spray program. Fly control was poor; the poorest controlled area was the baby calves on milk. The fly population here was out of control with flies on the face, eyes, nose, bedding and feeding buckets.

balEnce was used to replace the previous fly control programs that were failing. At the calf ranch, balEnce was applied per directions on facility walls, ceiling, bedding, feeding equipment, and directly on calves. Within two weeks the adult fly population decreased dramatically and at the end of 30 days, there were no flies. The baby calves were happy, less stressed and healthier without a disease vector fly population ruining biosecurity. The same results occurred at the other premises that switched to balEnce.”

RG Ovrebo, DVM, Minnesota


Horn Fly

Face Fly

Stable Fly

How to use balEnce for dairy fly control brochure

Dairy farm fly control is a challenge for any fly management program because of the different environments found around the dairy farm and the availability of fly breeding areas. House flies, stable flies, horn flies, and face flies can all be present depending upon the dairy location, time of year, and type of housing used.

Cows that are allowed access to pasture will encounter all of the fly species while those kept in free-stall housing may only have house flies as pests. Calf areas, as well as maternity and sick pens, all present challenges for dairy farm fly control. balEnce Organic Fly Spray has demonstrated excellent control of the adult flies and fly larvae that are problems in diverse dairy environments.

The active ingredient in balEnce products is a naturally occurring fungus (Beauveria bassiana). This fungus specifically targets and kills the flies but does not harm humans, livestock, pets, or the beneficial insects that are so important to our environment.

In order to provide our customers with a complete solution to their fly control problems, Terregena includes parasitic wasps, also called fly predators, as an important part of its fly control product line.