Hog Farm Fly Control

Organic and dependable, balEnce Fly Spray biopesticide will help you establish lasting control of flies on your swine farm.

Hog Farm Fly Control

Hog farm fly control is an essential aspect of effective hog farm management. Understanding the impact of harmful insects on your hogs is a critical part of this endeavor. In swine production facilities, various fly types, including house flies, fruit flies, sewer flies, and blowflies, are commonly encountered.

All types of animal production facilities, whether for hogs, dairy, goats, sheep, or other animals, tend to attract flies, with different animals attracting different fly species. However, it’s important to emphasize that even though fly presence is typical, it can and should be controlled. An uncontrolled fly population can have a devastating impact on your swine farm, affecting the health and well-being of your current and future hog production.

Blowfly, Fruit Fly, Housefly, and the Sewer Fly infestations are common problems on pig farms.

Fruit Fly


Sewer Fly


To ensure effective hog farm fly control, it’s crucial to monitor fly populations regularly throughout the year and not wait until they become unacceptable. Developing a written integrated pest management plan specifically designed to target flies is essential.

Flies can be both a nuisance and a health concern for growing pigs. That’s where BalEnce Organic Fly Spray comes in. It has proven to be highly effective in controlling flies and their larvae commonly found in hog environments. BalEnce offers a safe, organic, and long-term solution for managing fly populations in your hog farm production facilities. It takes a systemic approach, targeting multiple points in the fly life cycle, and plays a vital role in an integrated fly management program.

Initiating the application of balEnce Organic Fly Spray as soon as flies or larvae are observed is crucial, as early fly control is more manageable than dealing with an already out-of-control population.

Contact us to discuss how to use balEnce and maximize its effectiveness with various equipment and production phases (Production Facilities, Breeding Barns and Gestation Rooms, and Farrowing Rooms and Nurseries) in your swine farm.

balEnce Organic Fly Spray

The active ingredient in balEnce products is a naturally occurring fungus (Beauveria bassiana). This fungus specifically targets and kills the flies but does not harm humans, livestock, pets, or the beneficial insects that are so important to our environment.

Parasitic Wasps

In order to provide our customers with a complete solution to their fly control problems, Terregena includes parasitic wasps, also called fly predators,as an important part of its fly control product line.