Poultry Farm Fly Control

balEnce Fly Spray, our organic and reliable biopesticide is the long-term solution for Poultry Farm Fly Control.

Terregena provides effective, economical, and safe products to the poultry egg layer industry. For poultry farm fly control, balEnce uses no toxic chemicals and no health concerns.

balEnce Organic Fly Spray occurs naturally in the soil. It is environmentally friendly. As a bio-pesticide, it is host-specific, meaning that in your chicken barn, it selectively targets and kills adult house flies and their larvae. It won’t harm your birds or your employees, and it won’t hurt the bee population.

Flies pose significant concerns in poultry farming due to their role in disease transmission and parasite hosting. Additionally, these insects are a nuisance to nearby residential areas and, in the case of beetles, can result in increased feed consumption, driving up production costs. Furthermore, flies are carriers of more than 65 disease organisms that affect both humans and poultry, including tapeworm, Newcastle disease, Salmonella, Campylobacter, and E. Coli.

House Fly

The active ingredient in balEnce products is a naturally occurring fungus Beauveria bassiana. This fungus specifically targets and kills the flies but does not harm humans, livestock, pets, or the beneficial insects that are so important for our environment.

To provide our customers with a complete solution to their fly control problems, Terregena recommends parasitic wasps, also called fly predators, as an essential part of its fly control product line.