Fly Control for Mushrooms, Greenhouses, Farms and Livestock

Fly Control in Agriculture

Fly Control is pivotal for agriculture, especially in mushrooms, greenhouses, and livestock sectors. Flies are not just annoyances; they severely inhibit production across these domains. In light of these challenges, the balEnce solution stands out. Empowered by its potent ingredient, balEnce provides a targeted and efficient defense against these tenacious agricultural adversaries.

Fly Control in the Mushroom Industry

Mushrooms are particularly vulnerable in their cultivation process, serving as a prime hotspot for diverse fly species. These pests compromise the mushroom’s quality and diminish their yield. Specifically, sciarid and phorid flies inflict direct harm to the mycelium, resulting in subpar crops. Beyond this physical damage, even the mere existence of these flies can taint the mushrooms, making them unfit for sale.

Sciarid Fly

Phorid Fly

Fly Control in Commercial Greenhouses

Greenhouses, with their controlled environments, are ideal for cultivating crops year-round. However, they’re also attractive to flies. Whether it’s whiteflies on tomatoes or fungus gnats on potted plants, these pests can damage crops directly and transmit diseases. Beyond the physical harm, flies can leave behind honeydew, leading to mold growth and further crop loss.


Fungus Gnat

Fly Control on Farms and Livestock

Flies are a major problem in the livestock and farming industry, including poultry, dairy, swine, equine, and bison.  Stable flies, horn flies, houseflies, face flies, blowflies, sewer flies, and fruit flies not only irritate and stress the animals, leading to reduced productivity, but they can also transmit harmful pathogens. Infestations can result in reduced weight gain in cattle, decreased milk production, and even skin infections. Managing these pests is crucial for maintaining animal health and farm profitability.

Stable Fly

Horn Fly


Face Fly


Sewer Fly

Fruit Fly

The balEnce Solution for Agricultural Fly Control

BalEnce products are tailor-made for insect pest control in farming. They’re ideal for mushroom beds, greenhouses, and barns, offering a green pest solution.

Key Ingredient – BalEnce uses the natural fungal spore, **Beauveria bassiana (Bb)**. Unlike generic insecticides, Bb targets specific pests, like flies. The spore attaches to a fly, penetrates its tissue, and eventually kills it.

Available in both powder and liquid, balEnce suits various farm needs, from soil treatments to livestock sprays.

With balEnce, managing flies in agriculture is eco-friendly and effective.

BalEnce, with Beauveria Bassiana, is Approved For Sale In Both the US and CANADA
balEnce is Approved for Organic Production by the US Department Of Agriculture (USDA).