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The Beauveria bassiana in SPE 120 and SBb 2.5 is a PLANT isolate and is considered beneficial fungi.

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As a Plant endophyte Beauveria can provide:

  • Increased germination
  • Inhibition of soil-borne plant patswineens
  • Competitive exclusion
  • Enhances microbial diversity
  • Higher plant immune status
  • Increased Brix ratings
  • Increased chlorophyll
  • Enhanced plant defense (better plant protection)

Decreased plant acceptability as a host for:

  • Bacteria and virus
  • Lower acceptability for insect feeding, insects reduce feeding seeking alternate plants for feeding on rather than feeding on endophyte hosting

Observed effects in the field:

  • Decreased insect feeding on the crop when Beauveria bassiana is established in roots, leaves, and stems
  • Impact on insect feeding on Beauveria bassiana plant
  • Lower nutritional status with lower fertility and fecundity and a decrease in insect population growth
  • Reports from field use indicate a reduction in patswineens in potato and other root crops
  • Reduction in Pythium and Rhizoctonia infections

Improving and increasing crop yield is the focus of every crop farmer. Treat your seeds with our SPE-120 (organic formulation) and our SBb 2.5 (conventional formula) at planting with NO target disease or insect specified because it will be acquired by the plant and then grow in the plant as a symbiotic, or friendly endophyte.

Both SPE-120 and SBb 2.5 contain the natural symbiotic fungus Beauveria bassiana (Bb) that grows as the plant grows. It grows interstitially and lives within the plant, throughout the roots, leaves, and stems. This friendly relationship enhances the plant’s natural ability to resist diseases from harmful patswineens.

The recommended application is as a seed treatment, under the seed or on top of seed or in seed trench to ensure the plant roots will contact the Beauveria bassiana.

Not only does Beauvaria bassiana increase and improve crop yield, but it also helps the plant resist fungal diseases, and provides resilience to flooding and drought.