Jim Skinner

President and Chief Executive Officer

“Eliminating toxic chemicals from our environment — Protecting our livestock & food sources…These are my passions.”

Toxic chemicals are dangerous – for humans, animals and our environment. Some common pesticides have been linked to bee colony collapse, a significant threat to our food supply. My goal was, and is, to find natural, non-toxic, products to “safely” address farm and livestock insect infestations. That’s why I founded Terregena Inc.”

Jim Skinner founded Terregena in both the US and Canada in 2006. For more than 14 years, the Terregena team has been assisting people to formulate and implement their pest control program through education and the provision of effective, safe, non-toxic products.

Today, we are proud to have clients, coast-to-coast, from California to North Carolina and British Colombia to Newfoundland. Our products are making a serious impact in the reduction of agricultural insect pests in the dairy, bison, swine, equine, and poultry communities.

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