Swine farm fly control is required as part of good farm management practices.

The types of feeders, drinkers, manure storage, and manure moving equipment in the three distinct production phases (Production Facilities, Breeding Barns and Gestation Rooms, and Farrowing Rooms and Nurseries) require variations in the use of balEnce™ Organic Fly Spray.

In addition, several types of flies are commonly found in swine production facilities including house flies, fruit flies, sewer flies, and blowflies.

BalEnce™ Organic Fly Spray has shown excellent results in controlling the flies and fly larvae commonly found in the swine environment.

It is important to begin application of balEnce™ Organic Fly Spray as soon as flies and/or larvae are observed ─ good early fly control is easier than attacking a fly population that has gotten out of control.

pigs benefit from effective swine farm fly control

House Fly

House Fly

Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly

The housefly alone has been linked to the spread of more than 30 bacterial and protozoal diseases.

Which Terregena Products will Help Me Control the Flies Around My Hogs and Barn?

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