balEnce products for Poultry and Livestock are approved for sale in both the US and CANADA in the US by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and for organic production by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system includes the Terregena balEnce BioPesticide products and our natural fly predators/parasitic wasps which are an effective and economical solution to pest control.

Control Your Insect Infestation while Protecting our Environment

There are effective, natural solutions to controlling pests that do not include toxic chemicals linked to bee colony collapse. There are naturally occurring, living organisms parasites good parasites, which attack and kill pests without harming people, animals, the environment, or beneficial insects, such as bees.

At Terregena, we make these natural parasites available to you in various forms — fungal spores found in the soil worldwide and fly predators, better known as parasitic wasps.

How Do Fungal Spores Work?

The fungal spores (Beauveria bassiana) are attracted only to their host, such as a fly or a darkling beetle. When they find their host, they penetrate the soft tissue of the insect and kill it. This fungal spore is the active material in our balEnce product.

How Do Fly Predators Work?

The female fly predators drill a hole in the fly pupae (the hard shell that looks like a grain of brown rice) and lay her eggs in that pupa. Her eggs then hatch and become fly predator larvae, eating and killing the developing adult fly.

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